The Auction is Now Closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Results: 31 lots averaged: $1,594.  Sold to 14 states:  AL, AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, MD, MN, NE, OH, OK, SD, TX


How important are sows?  The sow determines which barrow wins, which gilt wins and which boar wins.  Sows make the difference.  Everyone has access to the same boars, so make sure your sows are difference makers.  Sows with our genetics have been responsible for many champions.  Most recently, the Champion York and Overall Champion barrow at the 2013 WPX, the Champion and Top Selling York gilt at that same WPX, the Champion Duroc barrow at the 2012 NAILE, and in our last year's June bred gilt sale a $1350 York bred gilt sold to Stacy Henry produced a Moore Power barrow that ended up as the Champion York and Overall Reserve Grand at Denver.
As we have done in the past, gilts will have various starting prices. We want to be as upfront as possible about our reserves so there is no deception with our intent. We will be happy to retain and farrow any that do not receive the starting bid.
Please feel free to call and visit about the offering.

Cooperative delivery available.

Chuck & Ben Olsen 


ONE DAY SALE!  Tues, June 25, 2013
8AM Central
7PM Central with Extended Bidding to follow

    Michael Lackey, NSR Representative, has viewed this set of pigs. Call him at 765-427-3733 if you would like to discuss this set of pigs with him.

Cooperative Delivery:
1. National Junior Summer Spectacular / STC in Louisville, KY and points along the way

2. Oklahoma City area and points along the way
Pickup at the farm
4. Call for other possibilities

  • Please feel free to call us anytime to visit about the pigs in the offering, or to set up an appointment to view the pigs in person at the farm.
  • 605-661-7864 (Chuck's cell) * 605-660-2828 (Ben's cell) * 605-327-3285 (Office)
  • Guarantee: With each bred female, we GUARANTEE a minimum of eight pigs born alive. If a litter is born and this minimum is not met, you will receive credit towards future purchases of breeding stock, showpigs, or semen. Here is how the amount of credit is determined: the bred female is valued at 60% of the purchase price and the litter she is carrying as 40%. So, if you purchase a female for $1,000 and she has 6 pigs born alive, the amount of credit is $100.
  • Insurance on hogs (including bred gilts) offered by these 2 representatives of different companies: Lee Fordice 765.653.4176 * Marty Smith 574.223.2133.
  • This is an online or telephone auction. You can bid online or you can call us anytime with your bids.
  • There will be NO buyer's premium added to the final sale price.
  • Gilts will have various opening bids and if any do not receive that opening bid, we will retain them.
  • Sires can be viewed on the BOAR STUD page of the Olsen Yorkshires website.
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  • Be sure you are at your computer before 7pm Central on Tues, June 25 when extended bidding starts to finalize your bidding. Call us if that's not possible.